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verbal & emotional abuse IS Domestic Violence


verbal & emotional abuse IS Domestic Violence

I remember a long time ago like it was yesterday. I felt like I lived in the twilight zone. I worked in a Corporate environment with a bunch of fun and really upbeat people. I spent my days there but then when I got home it was like another world. The weirdest part is that I would talk with my spouse on the phone 30 minutes before I even got home just as I was leaving work and he would be fine, normal, loving.  In the time it took me to pick up my son and drive home things changed drastically.  Originally when it first started I was positive something horrible must have happened in those 30 minutes, he must have received a phone call with some terrible news or something because he was so different than the person I spoke with on the phone before I left work who couldn’t wait to see me, “his love”…. Eventually after many anquishing episodes of “what’s wrong” , “are you sure nothing is wrong” , “did something happen”????? which eventually escalated into him yelling horrible things at me and telling me”nothing is wrong but something is going to be if you don’t stop with your sh*t!!! etc etc…. It finally became the pattern…. I went from feeling as if I was in the twilight zone to kind of just feeling like this was my life and I just had to work harder, try to be better, so that he / WE could be happy.  Have you ever felt like this?????  Here is a really good link to help if so….. Start Here: