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Wow…it’s almost the end of the kids football & cheer season…


I think I am sad. I must be CRAZY!!! Practice 4 nights a week then down to 3nights a week and all day Saturdays….8:30 AM to 6:00 PM…all the volunteer hours, laundry, snacks for the team.  I actually loved every second of it.  I’m grateful for the upcoming break but can’t wait to do the season again next year and am also looking forward to all the activities the kids do in between.  It makes our lives crazy but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I’m so proud of both Miguel and Angelina, they have both really put a constant positive effort forward and come a long way each with their sport. OH AND the Scorchers are an amazing team…a wonderful and caring community of people and kids.  Go SCORCHERS…now all we have to do is win the playoffs and cheer competition!!!



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Comments: Girl, 10, ‘Lost’ by United Airlines – ABC News


OH MY GOSH….these people are completely ignorant and ridiculous….. seriously.


Comments: Girl, 10, ‘Lost’ by United Airlines – ABC News.

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Free Back to school supplies! – Influential Mom Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Blog Network#comment-255935.

So…here’s the deal…. Advice desperately needed…..


So…we have been trying to get on the Chico Scorchers football and cheer team for two years….. FINALLY this year, we got both….after countless hours in line….hundreds of dollars spent and just 3 practices in the Chico…heat… Miguel decides he HATES football and doesn’t want to play. I should add that he was either going to be on the Jr. Midgets or the Midgets which is the oldest team and somehow he weighed in 4 lbs over the junior midgets…so he is with lots of “BIG” kids and kids with much more experience with tackle football. He is an amazing athlete and has played soccer, flag football and basketball but never football with pads until now.  Even his coach has said that this is a whole new animal of a sport but I am so torn between letting him quite and making him continue on. The first couple of weeks are the worst and it has been really hot.  The whole helmet thing is completely new to him as well and not all that comfortable.  I’m struggling between feeling like a horrible parent and also not wanting him to think quitting immediately is ever the answer. I don’t want to scar him for life but I also don’t want him coming back to me later asking me why the heck I let him quit…. ANY and all advice is welcome.  For now, I have talked with his coach and told Miguel he has to continue going to practice for at least two weeks….. HELP!!!!  p.s. Angie loves cheer and all is well in that world….thank GOD!