Notice to Crossings Book Club


I am writing because I will be cancelling my account with you the second I complete my obligation and will be doing that as quickly as I can afford to.
1. when I signed up I OBVIOUSLY misunderstood how often I would be getting featured selection info and HOW to opt out. I guess I thought it would be at the most once per month. In addition, I somehow chose the notify me via email option which I would never purposefully do for something coming directly out of my account.  I have now had three charges go through for items I didn’t want or need.  I kept the first shipment charged on 11/2 for $38.03 as one of the books ended up being a good book for my children at Christmas time and I was caught off guard by the shipment. However not even 18 days later I was charged again on 11/19 for $61.63 and now again not even 30 days later on 12/7 for $49.76. I sent the last shipment received back and will be doing so when this next one arrives. This is ridiculous and financially draining.


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  1. As an update…I actually have had really good experiences with Crossings customer service and resolving this issue although they did not respond in writing and I had to call in. When I did call they were very nice and fixed everything. Maybe I will give them a second chance as the books are awesome. 🙂

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