earlier I was trying to be nice on my facebook..but I think this should be titled. the “parent’s who don’t pay their share””…lmao

this is regards to whether it be money, time, coorperation, follow through, character develelpment, commitments, etc…… Read it and I pray that you weep!!…..PS UP FRONT…this is gonna be a very positive statement..I just have to really  express how much I emotionally need to be done with some people and the drama that they purposefully choose to live in continuously…I mean, even when given a clear ticket out and off that path, for whatever personal dysfunctional reason…they stay.  I lived my life to a short extent this way in my past but I can ho…

nestly say and be grateful to God..that I didn’t remain there long at all.  I am now in a place where it is by far EASY …and some days I feel so angry and frustrated while I see others responsible for the things I deal with, playing and having a great time…Occassionally and NOT often this does eat at me for about a second and only  because it doesn’t hurt me at all. I’m cool with me.\ You see…the befefits that I HAVE, LOVE and Hang with daily far outweigh the potential freedom in any way…   But when you have a momma bear and you mess with her cubs in any way, sometimes even the strongest women is going to feel it and truly want to retaliate in the most offensive animalistic form.   Luckily for me and mine, I walk with Jesus and he helps in those moments.  I have always described myself by saying “don’t mistake my kindness as a sign of weakness”…over the years I have just learned….that keeps me classy and well it keeps “them” exactly who they are kind of at bay…cuz of course, in reality, they know they SUCK. : )  I love my babies and they love me….we have fun, we play games, we dance, we love, we work hard, we make mistakes, we talk about it and we forgive.  I am blessed more than I probably could have ever been!!! p.s.. this is only personal really to someone who prolly won’t hear it from me per se…but if you feel anything in your heart…take a look and seek out your relationships to make sure you are doing all that you can to be who you need to be. Children might be counting on you…..xoxo PEACE….Merry Christmas… etc to all… Keep on moving forward and working together to make a better world for all….

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