The Iphone ……<3


WOW….so, I have coveted the iphone for almost the past FOUR years.   I’ve been patient and waited because based on my life and circumstances, it wasn’t the smartest investment for me to make at the time.  THAT is totally not like me. I have to throw that out there because I really deserve the praise for patience. LOL…. I have never been a big delayed gratification person and believe me, it doesn’t always work in my favor. I get it. But this time I was good, I was patient and I waited until it was “feasible” and more appropriate for me to finally get the iphone. I only got the iphone4, not 4S (Siri, we will get aqcuainted soon..i promise) AND I only got 8GB because it was free with  a 2 year plan.  I do wish I would have paid the extra $50 and upgraded to 16GB but so far I am still having plenty of space and I have a ton of…. AMAZING …apps on my phone so far.  I will be upgrading in the future so I can download my whole itunes library but for now I am seriously one happy girl.  This has been the very best choice I have made regarding a purchase in a long time.  My favorite apps so far are Cozi for calendaring, I LOVE it! Catch for managing projects and ideas, Ebay and Paypal of course, for managing my online store “ ”   oh and of course Facebook, my major addiction : )  I also have started using wordpress on my iphone to manage this blog. Hopefully I get better with time. Those are the tops for now but I know there will be many more to come~


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