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I am going to be reviewing this offer for the next 30 days. I will write a review on my experience when I am done and let y’all know if I will be continuing with a paid subscription or not… | Welcome.


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  1. so far, I’m not off to the best start. It seems like these companies develop their websites and the instructional emails they generate so that you CANNOT claim the free offers they claim you will receive or at least you can’t claim them easily, that is for sure. I was instructed to enter my information for the claim into an online form which I did. Then it gives you a claim number that you have to email or hard copy send all of your proof in with however you are required to have an account number for the product you purchased as well as a receipt. The company sent me an ambiguous welcome email without the actual purchase details and the account number listed as provisional. I was able to go to my bank account to get the purchase amount details. I finally was able to get my claim number but am not sure if the online information I have will be enough to do the claim online. I also printed everything and will send it in hard copy. All in all, I had to have 3 separate email screens open at once to send in my information online and pull what info I could together for that portion of the claim. It shouldn’t be this difficult and I would have given up and just cancelled everything if I wasn’t doing a review. I wonder if this is what most people just do and think they will just cancel their agreement before their trial period is over but forget and have their credit card charged. In addition, the rebate claims that it will process in 3-6 weeks but your free trial is only for 30 days. What if you don’t have your rebate before your 30 days is up. If you want to see if your rebate will arrive, you might have to PAY the first 30 days either way. Not happy so far but I will remain positive and go from here. If this offer actually does what it claims to, there are many of my favorite companies that it claims to save shipping on , so I will keep my fingers crossed.

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