Sunday Morning Menu and Other Thoughts for Today : ) 3 More Days…


YUM…today I made a shrimp,bacon, avacado omelet topped with juicy red tomatoes. It was super good and “clean”. I am now officially back on my eating clean mission. I always feel 100 times better when I eat right and soon will also be a regular U-Jammer with my bff Julie so it will be fun times ahead. 3 more days til I see my babies. They called me at 6AM this morning…it was 9AM for them since they are visiting in Florida but that was ok. It was so great to hear their voices. Angelina can’t wait for me to smother her with kisses and Miguel sounded pretty happy to be coming home too. He even wanted me to put our kitties on the phone so he could hear them meow. These are all good signs, as the “de-briefing” period from a Dad visit, especially one that was 3 years in coming, isn’t always a wonderful time for me. I remember how hard it was for me when I was young and had to visit between my parents. No fun!  I’m planning on taking them to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk so that should lighten things up a bit and bring some smiles. Pictures to follow for sure …Happy Sunday ~


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