The longest 5 days of my life…. :))


Even worse than waiting for one of my kids to be born… I am waiting for both of my youngest babies to get home from Florida.  In addition, it is also wrapping up the longessttt 4 weeks of my life…lol  My kids are with me 24/7 365 days a year…of course unless we are at school or I am working.  For the last 3 years they didn’t even visit their Dad and prior to that it was only for 2 weeks out of the year, so this year when he decided he would be able to fly to the states to visit them AND he asked for a 4 week visit, I knew it was going to be rough.

The time has actually gone by faster than I thought it would but I feel like the last days will probably drag out.  I have been working and have taken 2 summer school classes to help keep me busy and that has helped.  I will be leaving a couple of days early to the bay area (they are flying in to SFO) so I can spend time with family and my very best friends from high school. We will re-celebrate my birthday which just passed last Wednesday so I am looking forward to that… We’ll see how it goes~


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