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Free Online Calendar and Mobile Application For Busy Families | Cozi


Free Online Calendar and Mobile Application For Busy Families | Cozi.


Breaking into the world of product and services reviews :)


Even though I am still in the process of having my blog personalized and website designed to match, I have decided to jump ahead and begin getting into products and services reviews. I have so many favorites already that I use and I will be publishing a list this week and some reviews. I am looking forward to this new venture….lol more “stuff”….My son Zack would be rolling his eyes right now….

Why do you always need a vacation….after a vacation?


So much to get done this week. We got back from the bay area yesterday. YEAH…I have my babies back. Had a great time with my high school bff’s Julie and Dawn. Spent lots of time at Julie’s pool. My amazing best friend and I have gone through so much together since high school. Just this time last year her two daughters were in a fatal car crash. The sixteen year old driver of the other car was killed. Her girls were life flighted to UC Davis Children’s hospital and it was a horrible experience. I love her girls like they are my own and walking in the ICU to see them lying in full body casts and a zillion tubes was excruciating as a mom and as someone who loves them dearly.  They have come a long way and seeing them so happy and vibrant playing with my kids was like a breath of fresh air.  It made me all the more grateful for the many blessings in my life, including them.  I miss the bay area already but am hoping to be back there permanently soon.